Update: Multi Server Functionality & Role Tagging
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Written by dotnotify

Welcome to another update on dotNotify. We have been very busy releasing new features. We have also welcomed many more new users and guilds to our platform over the last couple of weeks.

We always listen to feedback, so if there is a feature or anything that would make using dotNotify even better for you, please join our Discord Community Server and let us know.

Onto todays update, we have a couple of big feature releases in September that you may not be aware of, that have been requested by a bunch of users.

multi server functionality

First off this month we released our biggest feature release since launch, and probably the most requested one from our users.

And that is multi server functionality!

Now, when you connect to dotNotify with your Discord account, you can switch between all of your servers with a simple drop down as seen above.

You can install the bot on any of your servers and now schedule announcements and reminders for all servers under one dashboard.

If you had issues adding servers when you signed up, please come back and login now, and check out our new multi server functionality.

Role Tagging Across Your Messages

Role tagging

A more recent release is our role tagging feature. By simply typing @ in any of our message editors across both standard and embed messages, you will now see a dropdown of all roles on your server.

Simply choose one to tag that specific role in your announcement or reminder.

Now you have the ability to tailor your announcements and reminders to notify specific roles on your server.

We Are Here To Help Make It Easy To Announce And Remind On Your Server!

It’s been really cool to see lots of new users and servers join dotNotify. We are here to help make your announcements and reminders easier than ever on your server.

We really do want to here from you if you have feature requests or improvements you think might make dotNotify even better.

So, please let us know if we can help!

Check out these new features if you have not done so already by connecting your Discord here!

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