Take Your Server To The Next Level With dotNotify Premium!

If you’re looking for an announcement bot to manage your server announcements, or a reminder discord bot that can help schedule repeat messages to hit any channel, at any time, YOU JUST FOUND IT!

Free Plan

dotNotify is FREE to install and use on our FREE PLAN.

Our FREE plan includes…

✅ Schedule & manage 5 messages at any one time.

✅ Schedule 1 interval reminder.

✅ Schedule 1 embed message.

✅ Standard support.

Unlock PREMIUM! 👑

$5.99/mth or $49/year!

If you want to unlock all the potential of our incredible announcement and reminder bot without restrictions, our PREMIUM tier unlocks it all!

✅ Unlimited messages.

✅ Unlimited reminders.

✅ Unlimited embeds.

✅ Setup your own custom sending bot.

✅ Re-use sent messages in 1 click.

✅ Priority support.

✅ Future features included.