The Ultimate Announcement And Reminder Bot For Discord.

Get Ready To Generate More Engagement, Clicks And Attention From Your Discord Community With A Discord Bot Built For Messaging, Reminders & Announcements!

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dotNotify Helps You Save Time & Get More From Every Announcement You Send To Your Discord Community.

The Only Bot You Need For Announcements & Reminders.

Whether you’re looking for an announcement bot to schedule announcements about new products, services or events within your Discord server…

Or, you need a reminder bot to keep you and your community on track.

dotNotify makes all of this easy. It’s the only message, announcement and reminder bot you need.

Schedule all of your announcements, messages and reminders in minutes, manage them on an easy to use dashboard, and the bot will take care of the rest.

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Schedule Announcements & Reminders
For Any Channel At Any Time!

Announcement Discord Bot

Get 10x more out of your announcements and schedule multiple messages across different channels. 

Reminder Discord Bot

Have regular events, or need reminding of something? Set hourly, daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly server reminders in seconds.

Schedule In Any Timezone

Schedule messages and announcements round the clock in any timezone on the planet.

Schedule announcements in seconds & make sure your community never misses a thing!

Get more engagement and clicks on your announcements by scheduling them ahead of time.

Hit different timezones. Schedule multiple messages or announcements for the same events and campaigns.

Forget rushing out important announcements last minute, dotNotify lets you design engaging, eyecatching announcements with ease. 

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reminder discord bot

Create reminder messages with ease.

Need a reminder bot for Discord to help with your regular messages? Want to schedule a repeat announcement, or reminder for your community?

Set up daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly messages in a couple of clicks, to hit any channel on your server.

Automatically send messages to any channel on your server whenever you choose. Choose your date, time, and timezone, and schedule.

Let dotNotify take care of the “reminder sending” for you.

A full Discord ready message builder, with live preview.

Create, construct and format messages right inside of a Discord “format ready” editor.

With an easy to use editor, you can craft the perfect looking announcement with your desired formatting, including emojis.

A real time live preview lets you see what your announcement or reminder is going to look like before you schedule and send it.

It’s time to level up your server messaging!

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discord embed builder

This includes a full Discord embed creator.

Want to schedule and send embed messages instead of standard messages?

With dotNotify, you can.

Alongside our standard Discord message editor, you can also use our intuitive embed builder to construct that perfect embed announcement message.

Edit every single element, choose the color you want, upload images and include clickable buttons too.

All created with our WYSIWYG embed editor with a full real time preview too, so you can see exactly how your embed message is going to look.

And you can set these up as reminder messages too. 

You have all the control and power.

A full announcement and reminder management dashboard.

Creating and scheduling announcements and reminders is one thing, but what about managing them?

With dotNotify you can manage every single announcement and reminder with ease on your dashboard.

Need to edit a message, or edit the scheduled send time or date? Want to delete a reminder, or simply pause it from sending for a short while?

All of this is possible in just a few clicks.

edit discord messages
Role tagging

Tag roles & server channels in any message, announcement or reminder.

Want to schedule an announcement or reminder for a specific role only?

Tag any role in any message with our message builder, making it super easy to customize who gets notified with your messages.

You can also tag and link to your server channels within your messages too.

Copy announcements and reminders in 1 click. Send more & get more engagement.

Save time and speed up your announcement and reminder creation with our 1 click copy feature.

Copy any scheduled message or announcement in 1 click. Create multi announcement campaigns without typing out every painstaking word from scratch.

Speed up future announcement campaigns by copying and scheduling ahead of time.

copy reminder messages

Manage all your servers on one dashboard.

With our multi server functionality, you can use dotNotify on all of your servers.

Switch between servers with ease.

Create your announcements, reminders and more across all of your servers and manage all on one dashboard.

multi server functionality
custom bot

Create your own custom message sending bot.

Don’t want to use the dotNotify bot to deliver your messages and prefer to have your own bot to do that?

With our custom bot feature, you can create your own bot, and choose your own bot image and name to suit your server.

Custom Discord Bot

Schedule Messages On Our Dashboard, And Have Your Bot Deliver Them!

Schedule and manage all of your reminders and announcements on our intuitive dashboard, and have your own custom reminder bot deliver them for you.

This is simple to setup, and you do not need any technical or coding experience to do this.

If you prefer your own custom bot for reminder and announcment delivery across yours Discord server, we’ve got you covered.

 If You’re In Search Of The Ultimate Announcement or
Reminder Discord Bot, You Just Found It!

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The best Discord bot for scheduling messages, reminders & announcements.