How To Manage Your Discord Announcements & Reminders In dotNotify
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Written by dotnotify

Manage Your Announcements, Reminders And Server Messages Easily with dotNotify!

Managing Your Announcements & Reminders Is easy With dotNotify!

dotNotify was created to make it easy and quick to execute your announcements, reminders and server messaging.

With the ability to edit messages, you can manage every single scheduled announcement and reminder on the fly.

With the power of our copy messaging feature, you can create announcements quicker for your server moving forward, and setup multi-announcements that send to multiple channels, and across different timezones.

This can all be done in 1 click.

With our pause and resume functionality for reminder messages, you can also manage the delivery of these on the fly.

All message management features on dotNotify, work across both standard and embed messages too.

Enjoy using them, and if you don’t have a dotNotify account yet, connect your server for free here > Setup Your dotNotify Account

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