4 Tips To Level Up Your Discord Announcements With A Discord Announcement Bot
Discord Announcement Bot
Written by Jordan Kunawicz
Jordan is a Discord server enthusiast and tech-savvy digital marketer with a passion for helping online communities thrive. With extensive experience managing and growing Discord servers, Jordan understands how to create an enjoyable community experience on Discord.

As a Discord server owner, one of your most critical tasks is keeping your community engaged and informed.

Regardless of what your Discord server is focused on as a community, every server announces things.

Every server has announcements, whether it’s new products and services, new features for your app or server, or promoting upcoming special events and gaming nights.

You could do what many Discord server owners do and just send out plan text announcements quickly that get very little engagement or interaction.

Or you could take it a step further and implement some of the tips in this post on supercharging your announcements.

This is where an announcement bot like dotNotify comes into play, taking your announcements from good to ‘can’t-ignore’ great.

Using A Discord Announcement Bot To Supercharge Your Server

Discord Announcement Bot

An announcement bot, like dotNotify, is a bot that helps you manage your announcements and messages as a server owner or admin.

From constructing well-formatted messages to scheduling, reminding and building out fuller announcement campaigns for more engagement, dotNotify can help automate most of this.

We have other posts that delve into how dotNotify works, like this one:

How To Schedule An Announcement On Discord

This post focuses on tips to build out better announcement campaigns when you run them.

Standard Announcements vs. Embed Messages: Diversify Your Message Campaigns

discord embed message

One common mistake server owners make when sending announcements is sticking solely to standard messages.

A standard message can be just text; while it’s useful in certain circumstances, it’s not the most visually appealing.

Messages that capture no attention get no engagement.

These messages can work initially, but once you use the same format over and over again a few times, they lose their power and attention.

On the other hand, we have embed style messages, a feature that Discord provides to make your text more appealing by adding structure and color.

Discord embeds let you break your text into sections, utilize inline fields, and even add hyperlinks. They also provide a more visually appealing and organized way to share information, which can be particularly beneficial for complex announcements.

You will need a Discord Ember Generator tool or bot to create these, and dotNotify has what you need, and it’s free too!

Why not combine standard and embed messages for the best results?

A mix of message types can lead to engaging announcements that keep your users interested.

Use standard messages for quick updates or reminders, and leverage the power of embed messages when you need to provide detailed information in an organized and vibrant format.

Proper Discord Markdown Formatting: An Easy-to-Digest Message Makes The Difference!

discord announcement formatting

Formatting is the key to making your announcements easy to read and comprehend. Blocks of text can quickly become daunting and lead to your message being ignored.

For standard messages, use different markdowns Discord provides like bolditalicunderline, and emojis. Using these markdowns can help important points stand out. 

dotNotify has a full real-time preview editor which supports all of this markdown, making it easy for you to construct cool messages.

When using embeds, take advantage of the title, description, fields, and footer sections. Use images, too, especially with a “call to action” in them.

Use brief, concise sentences and bullet points to break down complex information. Also, remember that colors can be your friend! Use them to categorize your messages or to make them more eye-catching.

The Power of Scheduling with dotNotify

discord message scheduling

Sometimes, one message is not enough.

You should send a series of related announcements to build suspense or ensure information is fully absorbed.

This is where dotNotify’s scheduling feature comes in handy.

dotNotify allows you to string together a campaign of scheduled announcements, sending more than one announcement per campaign, as you can schedule them out in advance.

This is particularly useful for important updates or events that require multiple reminders.

To supercharge your campaigns, consider leading with an embed message containing all the crucial information, followed by a series of standard reminders closer to the event. These could also be spread through different channels.

This combination ensures your community receives the full details while also benefiting from timely reminders.

Engage Through Personalization & Role Tagging

An often-overlooked aspect of successful announcements is personalization.

With bots like dotNotify, you can personalize your announcements by mentioning users or roles. This strategy can ensure that the right people see your announcement, increasing its effectiveness.

Placing the @everyone, or @role within your messages, or within the field provided for embed messages, makes sure the relevant people get notifications too.

Using An Announcement Bot Can Help You Grow Your Discord Server

An announcement bot, when paired with a multi-message announcement campaign, will drive much higher engagement.

Effectively, all you need to do is just focus on the content, and the bot can take care of the rest.

The key to creating engaging Discord announcements is a thoughtful blend of standard and embed messages, careful formatting, smart scheduling through a Discord announcement bot like dotNotify, and the added touch of personalization.

Incorporating these strategies into your announcements can significantly enhance user engagement, keep your community informed, and help your Discord server grow.

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